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Burlington Winter Farmers' Market - Burlington, VT

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Dan & Whit's General Store - Norwich, VT

Railyard Apothecary - Burlington, VT

Local delivery throughout the Essex, Williston, Burlington, Winooski and Colchester areas, with a stop at the Richmond park and ride for surrounding towns.  Click here to request delivery.

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Beef Broth: We are absolutely thrilled to be working with so many farms that embody what we believe in here at The Simmering Bone.  Simmer’s beef broth comes from the collective efforts of three wonderful farms: Tamarlane Farm: Not only are their cattle certified organic, grass-fed and pasture-raised, they are part of the working ecosystem that is the farm.  Tamarlane cows are part of the family and eat accordingly.  Their food is grown on site and the waste they generate provides compost fertilization to the fields on which they rely.  Tamarlane’s commitment to the healthiest, safest food out there translates into a beef broth that just cannot be beat! Luna Bleu Farm: Raised on the pristine fields of South Royalton, VT, these organic, pasture-raised cows are also an integral part of their animal-energy driven farm system. Back Beyond Farm: These organic, pasture-raised cows are raised in the hills of Tunbridge, VT and are part of a diversified, year-round farming program.

Veal Broth: Pasture-raised along side their mothers, these truly humanely raised veal bones come to you courtesy of the innovative folks at Choiniere Family Farm in Highgate, Vermont.  Imagine life being one beautiful summer, frolicking in the fields of Vermont alongside your happily grazing mother.  It doesn't get much better than that!

Chicken Broth:  Due to the high prices of certified organic feed, the regulatory logistics of on farm processing, and the lack of affordable processing facilities, Simmer has been unable to source local chicken bones that come from both pasture-raised and organically fed birds. We are, however, pleased to support Maple Wind Farm and their pasture-raised birds that forage the green pastures of Richmond, VT. Their diet is supplemented with US grown, verified non-GMO grain.

A Stark Hollow Farm lamb enjoying fresh milk. "Pasture grasses make the best milk...and lambs know it!!" -SHF

A Stark Hollow Farm lamb enjoying fresh milk. "Pasture grasses make the best milk...and lambs know it!!" -SHF

Lamb Broth – Brought to you thanks to the collective efforts of three wonderful farms: HighFields Farm is a diversified hill farm working to renew and give back to their 130 acres in the foothills of the Green Mountains in Randolph, VT.  Like all of the animals on this certified organic farm, the North Country Cheviots we source for our lamb broth are free to roam and graze the fresh pastures this Scottish Highland breed of sheep are lucky enough to call home.  The conscientious folks at High Ridge Meadows Farm are committed to healthy, nutritious, organically and naturally grown and raised food and they work hard to preserve the farming history and the beautiful mix of mountains, forests and fields that we hold so dear here in Vermont. The beef and the Icelandic and Katahdin sheep we source from this small family farm are free to drink the pure spring water and graze the certified organic pastures on which the farm is nestled.  The mission at Stark Hollow Farm - a small, diversified farm in the beautiful town of Danville, VT - is to exist in sync with nature while producing healthy, sustainable farm products from animals whose quality of life is their passion.  The Icelandic sheep bones we source from this Animal Welfare Approved farm come from certified 100% grass fed, primitive breed animals who were purposefully selected to match the climate and geography of this beautiful state.  This allows these animals to live free and solely off the land while contributing to the symbiotic relationship that helps this entire farm thrive.

Happy pigs feasting away at Full Moon Farm

Pork Broth: Raised on pasture and free to forage, the certified organic pigs over at Full Moon Farm also get to feast on vegetables grown right on sight, organic whey from Champlain Valley Creamery and certified organic grain. 

Lemon-Sage Booster Blend: Vitamins A and D abundant in animal fat help the body better absorb the amino acids found in bone broth.  This very limited offering is made from roasting whole chickens in milk with garlic, sage, lemon zest and cinnamon. These organic, pasture-raised chickens are brought to you courtesy of Full Moon Farm and the milk in which they are roasted, Kimball Brook Farm's organic, pasture-raised cows.

Wild VT Venison Broth: Available for a limited time only, this broth is made from the fresh bones of wild Vermont deer got during the local hunting season.  Incredibly nutritious and surprisingly mild and delicious!

Vegetables: Simmer is still working out partnerships with small, local, organic, ecologically sustainable vegetable farms in the area.  Stay tuned for specific farm info!

Packaging: Simmer is committed to a plastic free existence.  Rest assured that once the ingredients that go into your broth reach me, they don't come into contact with plastic before reaching you.  Simmer is working tirelessly on plastic-free packaging for frozen product.  The risks associated with glass are too great to continue its use now that we share commercial kitchen space.  We are excited to have switched from our poly-lined paper ice-cream containers to a seemingly healthier and more environmentally friendly container.  Details can be found here.  If you have any suggestions regarding an alternative, we want to hear from you! Please use our contact page on this site, or simply click here to be re-routed.  And stay tuned for updates!  We can certainly accommodate special request for product in glass Ball jars to a limited extent.